Basement Finishing and Remodeling Contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Have you always wanted to add living space to your home by turning your basement from a dingy dungeon to a warm and welcoming room? Independent Construction & Remodel’s award-winning team of basement finishing and remodeling contractors in Colorado Springs, Colorado can help.

Increase Your Living Space by Remodeling Your Basement

You don’t have to knock out walls or plan an addition to your home to add new space. Instead, make more of your home by taking advantage of the space that already exists underneath it. Basement remodels are among the most popular renovations today, offering a way to increase your usable square footage without needing to build up or out. Plus, basement spaces are a great way to add an in-law apartment, that mancave you’ve always wanted or just a secure and safe playroom for the kids.  

Some Things to Consider With Your Basement Finishing Project

It may be hard to look at a dusty or damp basement and see it as a beautiful new space – but not for our experts. We’re pros at taking basements and turning them into some of the most useful and enjoyable spaces in any home. We’ll help you assess every aspect of your project in Colorado Springs, including:

 Height of Ceilings: Basements are often the location of your HVAC equipment, with ductwork routed to reach every room of your home. This also means ducts can make moving around your basement space awkward. We can help identify ways to reroute or enclose these ducts to maximize your headroom.

Moisture and Dampness: If your basement isn’t properly protected, heavy rain, snow melt or high groundwater levels can lead to dampness and water collecting in your basement – perhaps leading to foul odors, mold or mildew. We can devise a water barrier solution to keep your renovated basement dry and cozy.

Concrete Flooring: Concrete is a go-to flooring solution for many basement remodeling contractors, but it’s not the only option. While concrete is simple and stable, it’s also hard and uncomfortable for long periods. Instead, we can work with you to choose wood flooring, tile or even carpet for your new space.

Ambiance Lighting: Just because your basement is underground doesn’t mean your renovated room has to look like a dungeon. We can create a comprehensive lighting plan for your basement renovation that adds clarity and ambiance to create a warm and welcoming environment for you to enjoy for years to come.

What to Expect During Your Basement Finishing and Remodeling

While having basement finishing and remodeling project completed doesn’t typically impact your day-to-day life especially if you don’t typically use your basement now – we also know you don’t want your project to drag on. That’s why we’ll work with you from start to finish to get your renovation done quickly and conveniently.

Consultation Walk-Through

Your project starts with a consultation visit with our design team. We’ll review your basement space and discuss your goals with you to understand what kind of a space you’d like to create. We can also consider any structural or existing design elements that will need to change to achieve your goals.  

Design and Quote

After your consult, we’ll set to work on laying out a new design to turn it into the space of your dreams. We’ll handle floor plan design and development and consider any special costs to handle waterproofing, structural improvements or other aspects of your design and deliver a comprehensive quote.

Choose Your Materials

Next comes the fun part – material selection. We’ll sit with you to review your options for every aspect of your basement renovation project. This includes flooring, paint colors, trim styles, hardware fixtures, lighting elements and more. Plus, we can handle ordering and delivery to make it easy and convenient.

Construction Process

Once everything is selected, ordered and approved, we’ll coordinate construction with you. We work to minimize the impact on you and your family, and will strive to accommodate your needs and your schedule to make your renovation seamless, easy and quick from start to finish.

Find new space in your existing home in Colorado Springs by letting the basement finishing and remodeling contractors at Independent Construction &  Remodel handle your renovation project. Schedule a consultation and get started by calling 719-650-1598 today or submit an appointment request online now.