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Home additions in Colorado Springs are a great way to add value to your home and make it more comfortable for your family. Add new spaces and new functionality to your home with a wide variety of additions to your home with an experience home addition contractor in Colorado Springs. Independent Construction and Remodel designs and builds all types of home additions including sunrooms, garage additions, master suites & bedrooms, enlargements on existing spaces and many more. Whatever you envision for your home, we bring it to life.

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Home additions are an ideal way to fulfill the needs of your growing family, add value to your home and get more enjoyment out of your home without leaving the area and moving your things. Whether you have outgrown your home or need to re-purpose an existing space, ICR provides the skills, service and expertise you need to expand. Add a new garage to make your morning commute easier, enlarge your kitchen with more counter space and storage, add another bedroom for a new arrival, or enjoy a stunning sunroom inside your home. As a leading home addition contractor in Colorado Springs, we create new rooms that exceed your expectations and compliment your style and your lifestyle perfectly.

There are many different types of home additions available, including:

  • Master Bedroom Additions: A master bedroom addition can provide you with more space for sleeping, relaxing, and getting ready. A master bedroom addition can also include a bathroom, walk-in closet, and private balcony.
  • Family Room Additions: A family room addition is a great way to create a space for your family to relax, entertain guests, and watch movies. A family room addition can also include a fireplace, wet bar, and game room.
  • Garage Additions: A garage addition can provide you with more storage space for your cars, tools, and other belongings. A garage addition can also be converted into a workshop, home office, or guest suite.
  • Sunrooms: Sunroom Additions are a great way to add natural light and warmth to your home. They can also be used as a place to relax, read, or entertain guests.
  • Patios: Patios are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. They can be made of concrete, stone, or wood, and can be covered or open-air.
  • Kitchen Remodels and Expansions: A kitchen remodel is a great way to update the look and functionality of your kitchen. New cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring can make your kitchen look and feel like new.
  • Bathroom Additions: Bathroom additions can be a great way to improve the functionality and comfort of your home as well as increase the value. It’s always great to have an extra bathroom for entertaining, busy mornings, or ease of access for the elderly..

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Learn more about home additions in Colorado Springs including a sunroom, garage additions, decks, patios and more in Colorado Springs from Independent Construction and Remodel. Tell us about your vision for a larger home and we will get started on your project right away.