Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Did you know that the average person spends approximately 92 days of their life in the bathroom? That’s nearly three months of your life. But is your bathroom as welcoming and convenient as it could be? Independent Construction &  Remodel’s team of bathroom remodeling contractors in Colorado Springs, Colorado can help you make the commode in your abode a cozy and convenient space.

Our Bathroom Renovation Services

Bathroom renovations can be some of the most complex jobs in any home, but also one of the most rewarding both for your enjoyment and for the long-term value added to your house. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering complete end-to-end bathroom renovation services to tackle every aspect of your project. Whether you’re looking for a simple project to create a more modern and convenient space or a complicated remodeling and expansion that adds space and luxury, we handle every aspect of the project including:

  • Design and Architectural Renderings
  • Tub and Shower Installation
  • Shower door installation
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Mold Resistant Painting
  • Flooring, Tile and Drywall Installation
  • Sinks, Countertops and Cabinet Installation
  • Vanity Installation
  • Toilet Installation
  • Plumbing and Electrical Work
  • Lighting configuration
  • And more

What to Expect During a Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom remodel needs to be done right and done quickly. Bathrooms are an essential space and critical for you and your family. That’s why we work alongside you to minimize the downtime and ensure the project is done fast. So, what can you expect during your bathroom remodeling project in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

Consultation Walk-Through

We’ll schedule a consultation appointment with one of our contractor designers to better understand your needs, your space and your budget. This helps us put together a clearer picture of your expectations and what is possible or what additional work may be needed to deliver the right end result.

Design and Quote

Our team will take your ideas and our assessment of the space to create floor plans for your new look. We’ll consider aspects like plumbing rerouting, duct work installation or removal, lighting and electrical considerations and more. Once complete, we’ll provide a comprehensive quote for your review and approval.

Choose Your Materials

We work with you to select the right materials for your new space, and have partnered with many leading bathroom suppliers to help you find the exact look and feel you want for your bathroom remodel. Have something in mind? No problem – we can coordinate materials with your selected supplier.  

Construction Process

 When plans are approved and materials selected and order, we’ll coordinate with you and your schedule to handle the construction and renovation work. We know how critical your bathroom space is in your home, so we strive to minimize your downtime while maximizing your bathroom experience.

 Find out why hundreds of homeowners in Colorado Springs trust Independent Construction & Remodel for their bathroom remodeling projects. Contact us online now or give us a call at 719-650-1598 to schedule your initial consultation appointment today.