Enclosed Porches, Patio Enclosures and Sunroom Construction in Colorado Springs, CO

Make your existing outdoor space even more enjoyable by converting your current porch or patio into a new enclosed space or sunroom. Find the perfect solution for enclosed porches, patio enclosures or sunroom construction in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas with the local team at Independent Construction & Remodel.

Custom Sunroom Home Addition in Colorado Springs

Why Have an Enclosed Porch or Sunroom in Your Colorado Springs Home?

Adding an enclosed porch or sunroom space to your home in Elbert, CO helps you take advantage of the beauty of Colorado in all seasons as part of your home. This new space can give you wonderful views of the natural scene outside your home, while adding new entertaining space that can be useful no matter the weather or conditions. Plus, enclosed porches, sunrooms and patio enclosures are among the most sought-after amenities that new homebuyers look for in homes, so working with Independent Construction & Remodel to add this space to your home can increase your home’s appeal and value.

Types of Patio Enclosures, Enclosed Porches and Sunrooms in Colorado Springs

There are many different options for converting your outdoor space into a new enclosed area for entertaining.

Traditional Sunrooms:

Traditional sunrooms feature ample windows while still being a fully enclosed space with HVAC connections, creating a bright room to enjoy the sun.

Screen Porch:

A screen porch serves a similar role as a screen room, but with a distinctive door to welcome guests to your home.

Three Season Rooms:

With a three-season room, you can enjoy the regrowth of spring, the sun of summer and the beauty of fall from a comfortable and enclosed space.

Four Season Rooms:

Designed to include heating and air conditioning, a four-season room serves as a space to enjoy or entertain even on the hottest summer days or cold winter nights.

Screen Rooms:

Screen rooms are enclosed with screened windows, allowing the fresh air in  while keeping the bugs out. Glass inserts can also offer ways to extend the use of this space.

Enclosed Porches:

An enclosed porch takes your existing porch and converts it into a more protected space, offering three- or four-season use and protection from the elements.


A solarium is fully enclosed by glass windows, offering views in every direction and allowing in the bright daylight or providing clear looks at the night sky.

Garden Room:

Bring some of the outdoors inside with a garden room. These spaces offer areas for planting, while still including HVAC connections for enjoyment no matter the season.

Sun Parlor:

A sun parlor combines the open sight lines of a solarium with the attached and connected convenience of a sunroom, delivering a bright and airy space.

Patio Room:

Patio rooms extend your living space outdoors, enclosing your ground-level entertaining space and connecting it directly with the rest of your home’s floorplan.

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