Garage Contractor in Elbert, CO

Your house is your home – your garage is your car’s home. Don’t leave your vehicles out in the elements, baking in the summer sun or freezing beneath the winter show. Call Independent Construction &  Remodel – your local garage contractor in Elbert, CO.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the region to create garage spaces that offer so much more than simply a parking space. Whether you want to add a garage with a workshop, a hidden entertaining area, or a simple and subdued place to protect your vehicle, our team can work with you to design and build the ideal garage that matches the look and feel of your home.

Attached Garage Construction

Attached garages offer a great deal of convenience and security for homeowners. Connected directly indoors, there’s no need to go outside in the cold or into the scorching sun to get between your living area and your garage space with an attached garage. When planning attached garage construction, you can also consider how this may also provide an opportunity to add new space for your home, such as a mudroom between your parking space and your living area, or even a creative design such as a rooftop deck that connects with your master suite. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we can help make it happen.

Stand Alone Garage Construction

In some cases, adding an attached garage isn’t possible – or desired. A stand-alone garage offers you flexibility and freedom that isn’t always possible with an attached garage. With stand-alone garage construction, you can create a space that’s as large or as small as you like, while also alleviating some of the concerns or restrictions that may exist due to property lines or features. A freestanding garage can also offer separation from your living space – a great option for tinkerers or do-it-yourselfers who don’t want to bother the family with the sound of machinery, tools and equipment working on your own repair work or unique projects.

Get the garage space you’ve always wanted when you work with the garage contractors at Independent Construction &  Remodel in Elbert, CO. Schedule a consultation with our team today to start the process and discuss your options with our design experts. Call 719-650-1598 or request a consultation online now.