Master Suite, Bedroom and Second Story Additions Contractor in Elbert, CO

Looking to add more living space to your home in Elbert, CO? Expand your master suite, add new bedrooms or even build a second story addition with the contractors at Independent Construction & Remodel.

Let Us Help You Master Your Domain

The master bedroom of your home is the highlight of your castle. It’s where you go to rest and rejuvenate, refresh and recharge. And if it isn’t the space you want it to be, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, our design team excels at transforming the master bedroom space into a truly comfortable and luxurious space. We can help you maximize your existing space or suggest options to help expand the room to be more accommodating. Looking to add a walk-in closet or a suite master bathroom? We do that, too. Make your master suite the space you’ve always wanted with our contracting team.

Second Story Additions Construction

Most people think that if you want to increase the space in your home, you need to knock out walls and take away from your yard. But at Independent Construction & Remodel, we say build up, not out.

Adding a second story to your home can increase the available room in your home without increasing the footprint. We can help design full or partial second story designs, offering you new space for additional bedrooms, in-law suites, a new master bedroom or master suite and so much more. Let us help you find the space you need with a custom-designed second story addition to your home in Elbert, CO. 

What to Expect During a Master Bedroom, Suite or Second Story Addition

Renovating your home can help you transform it into exactly the space you’ve always wanted. So what can you expect when you work with us?

Consultation Walk-Through

Your project begins by scheduling a consultation with our design team. We’ll meet with you at your home to better understand the scope of what you’re looking to achieve, and can discuss any structural concerns or limitations, your design ideas and your overall project budget.  

Design and Quote 

After your consult, we’ll start to work on designing and quoting your project. We’ll develop floor plans and structural drawing to illustrate the design and identify the best options for getting your project done. We’ll also provide a comprehensive quote for you to review and approve.

Choose Your Materials

Your space needs to have your touch – that’s why we keep our clients actively involved in the process of choosing materials. Through our partnerships with regional vendors and suppliers, we can show you different options for paint, tile, carpeting, lighting and more – plus handle the ordering and delivery.

Construction Process

Finally, once everything is set, we’ll work to coordinate a construction schedule that works best for you. We know it’s an inconvenience to have construction crews in your home, so we’ll work with you to plan out the most efficient and effective schedule to complete your job quickly, on time and on budget.