New Home Builders & House Remodeling / Remodeling Contractor in Palmer Lake

Your home is your castle, but is your castle everything you want it to be? It can be with the help of Independent Construction and Remodel. Our team of house remodeling and renovation contractors can take your ideas and make them into the new space you’ve always wanted. We also serve as new home builders, and can help you design your new Palmer Lake, CO home from the ground up, giving you the home of your dreams from the day you move in.

Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement Remodeling Contractors in Palmer Lake

Does your kitchen not give you enough space to make your famous lasagna? Is your bathroom too small and end up leaving you longer for a more convenient room? Don’t deal with it – make it what you want with our home remodeling contractors. We can add the amenities you always wanted and give your space a brand-new look. We can even transform your basement space from an unusable storage area to a convenient and comfortable room where you’ll want to spend your time.

Bathroom Makeover Renovations Company & Contractor in Palmer Lake

Whether it’s your morning routine or your evening wash-up, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home. Make your bathroom more comfortable and convenient with bathroom makeover renovations with Independent Construction and Remodel. Our renovation contractors can give you a new walk-in shower, his-and-her vanities, or simply more room with a remodel project at your Palmer Lake home. Let us make a splash with your bathroom.

Kitchen Makeover Renovations Company & Contractor in Palmer Lake

Many kitchens today don’t offer the conveniences that we expect in the modern world. Kitchens in older homes sometimes lack counter space or cabinet storage to keep everything handy and offer room to make meals or host guests. Give your kitchen a makeover renovation and make your kitchen work for you. After all, isn’t the goal of having a home-cooked meal with family or friends to be comfortable and relaxed? Let us remake your kitchen so that you can always stay cool and at ease in your cooking space.

Basement Finishing, Remodeling & Renovations Contractor

Ever wish you had more space in your home, but aren’t sure if your property is right for building out? Build down instead – with your basement, that is. Our basement finishing and remodeling services can make your basement space into a useful area, adding bedrooms, baths or anything else you need to your underground space. Your basement doesn’t have to be wasted space. Make your basement a cozy and comfortable place instead with basement renovations.

Best Custom Built Homes & House Construction in Palmer Lake

Custom-built homes offer the opportunity to make your house everything you want. Rather than shopping the stock of existing not-quite-perfect properties, you can design a home with the number of rooms, kitchen and bathroom designs and other features you want. Don’t settle on a home that doesn’t work for you – work with us and invest in house construction that delivers the perfect home.

Home, Room Extension & Sunroom Addition Contractor / Builder

If your family is outgrowing your existing space or you need to make your current house more accessible, our home remodeling and room extension specialists can help you add the space you need. Whether you need to add an extra room for a new member of the family or want to remodel the master suite to make it more accessible, we can help with your project in Palmer Lake. We also specialize in building new sunroom additions, giving you new space to host guests and entertain or just unwind after a long week at work.

Make your home everything you’ve always dreamed it could be with the help of our expert renovation and construction contractors. Call Independent Construction and Remodel today at 719-650-1598 and let us make your Palmer Lake property the house of your dreams.